Saturday, October 14, 2006

my 300th post

I’m not sure what the right increment for retrospectives is, but since I marked my 100th post and my 200th post, here is a reset of posts 201 to 299. This is 300. As always, guests continue to create some of the best content: Arrested Development, Butter and HDR Photography. And, topics covered remain eclectic.

Design: 2 Second Tent, I/O Brush, IDEO, One Bush Street, Z4 Coupe, Bikinis, FlossAction Brush Heads, Raytheon Hawker

Events and Attractions:
San Jose with Orlando, HMB Golf Links, Monet in Normandy, Pickles, USS Hornet, Outdoor Movies, Stanford Golf Course, USS Pampanito, SLAC, Vegas, Hoover Dam

Food and Drink:
Patxi’s Pizza, Lure, Hu-Chiang Dumplings, Liou’s House, Paul Hobbs Cabernet, Blue Agave, NOPA, Smith Woodhouse Port, Range, Chris’s Fish and Chips, Santa Ramen, Incanto, Cocoa Bella, White Tea Snapple, Pizzeria, Pico, Thanh Long, Dr. Bob’s Ice Cream, Chocolate Tasting, The Counter, New at the Lobster Shack, Nihon Whiskey Lounge

Jeff Klein, Summer Sambas, White Nectarines, Elvis Costello, Free iTunes, Silversun Pickups, Riding East, 12-inch Singes from Grad School, Charles Brown, The Crane Wife, Guitar, Retrobyte, Teitur, Tobias Froberg, I Walk the Line, Death Cab for Cutie, Whitney Music Box

Magazines, Movies and Television:
Syriana, The Week Magazine, Aquaman, Top 11 Chappelle Show Sketches, The Onion, SF Magazine, August 28 New Yorker, Superficial Friends, My Animated Day, Studio 60, Fearless, In God We Trust, Lo-Def Productions

Software and Technology and the Web:
Amazing Astronomical Images, Cleartype, Top 10 Lists on, Fuel Cell Buses, Firefox PlayTagger, Google WiFi, The Satorialist, Photsohop Tutorials, Stumbleupon, Scam-baiting, iTunes 7, Wikipedia, Cleaning MP3 Tags, Mentos and Diet Coke, Cleaner-Burning Vehicles, Fat Steve, Dell Deals

I hope you continue to enjoy (at least) one cool thing. I appreciate everyone’s comments, tips, inviations and suggestions.

Bonus link: The Pirate Puzzle


At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gee, has it been 300 posts already... {sniff}

i couldn't help but notice that you only got 4 guest posts this term, compared to 14 in the second 100. all the more impressive that you've been able to maintain the one per day.

well done paul!


ps: maybe i'll have to help out in the guest arena again ...

At 6:48 PM, Blogger paul said...

Thanks Scott. You have been a big help as an editor and contributor. Your Arrested Development review still makes me laugh, and I suspect my readers will be enjoying a new contribution from you very, very soon.


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