Wednesday, October 04, 2006

cleaner-burning vehicles

Since my post on hydrogen buses I have been thinking about a follow-up on cleaner-burning vehicles. Gizmodo has had some interesting snippets lately, first on the Tesla Roadster, an electric sports car that can travel 0-60 in 4 seconds flat. Tesla is backed by DFJ and others. Then about ceramic batteries from EEStor. Imagine 500 miles on $9 of electricity and a charge time of 5 minutes. EEStor is funded by KP.

Over on Jalopnik, a great site for the car obsessed, I read about a new concept vehicle from Volkswagen’s Electronic Research Lab, an all-electric 1964 Microbus packed with gadget goodness. You have to check out the photos. And now today, a source has sent me a link to EWA Environmental in Palo Alto.

EWA has developed the Combustion Purifier ™, a low-cost, next generation tailpipe filter for diesel engines that can dramatically reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency. Web information is pretty sparse on the company, however if they can deliver on this claim, the Combustion Purifier will be my cool thing of the year.

EWA Environmental has created its patent-pending Combustion Purifier. The Combustion Purifier is an emissions control device for trucks, cars, and power plants (In total, a roughly $50B/yr market) focused as a solution to the CARB and EPA 2007 and 2010 regulations, replacing the muffler, catalytic convertor, and "particulate trap" with a single device. In our primary market, diesel trucks, the Combustion Purifier reduces the compliance from $15k per truck down to as low as $2k, increases fuel efficiency by as much as 40%, and meets the strictest CARB requirements, Level III, removing 94%+ of all particulate matter and 99%+ of hydrocarbons, well above any current technology.


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nice. i might have to buy me a diesel truck



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