Friday, September 08, 2006

green apple white tea snapple

Flavored teas are big business, and Snapple is the brand leader for this class of beverage. Looking to expand both the market and their share, they have introduced 2 new lines of tea: flavored green teas and white teas. Both types feature less sugar then the original Snapples and have more naturally occurring anti-oxidants.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying the 6 new teas and I prefer the white teas to the green. The green have a taste that is good, but it doesn’t mix well with fruit. In contrast, the flavor of the white tea is subtle (“shhh, the baby tea is sleeping”).

Most subtle of all is the nectarine white tea. It is somewhat like watered-down version of momo oolong. The flavor of the Raspberry White Tea is more pronounced than that nectarine; however, it is less strong than its black tea equivalent and less sweet at 60 calories per serving. But, it is the Green Apple White Tea that is the winner. The tea and the apple are well-balanced, and it reminds me of the green apple from a pearl tea shop.