Thursday, August 31, 2006

the sartorialist

Offered with sparse comment is The Sartorialist, a blog created by a charmingly opinionated fashion photographer (above center) living in New York. The Sartorialist is the king of street fashion and his site is appealing at many levels.

First is photographic. The Sartorialist finds interesting subjects throughout the City and wherever he travels, and he takes wonderful photographs of real people in real settings. Second is his sense of style. This is more evident for men he encounters than women, but it is Italian, classic and sharply defined. Pants should not have big breaks and they should sit at the natural waist. Sleeve cuffs should end at the wrist bone; jacket sleeves should show ½” of cuff. Third is the commentary, often from fashion insiders. Expect 15-40 per daily post.