Monday, August 28, 2006

riding east

My friend Jeff is an exceptional programmer, entrepreneur and executive. Moreover, he excels as a father, a family man and as a friend. But, his greatest talents are artistic as both a performer and composer of music.

I have been delighted that Jeff is devoting time to developing these gifts, and he has been kind enough to share select compositions and performances with me over the past year. Now, in an exclusive for (at least) one cool thing, I am excited to announce that Jeff is sharing his work through his new blog: Riding East.

Riding East provides a unique opportunity to interact with the artist and discover his thoughts on interpretations and his motivation for his compositions. Sometimes they are personal, and some of Jeff’s best work is dedicated to family members who, sadly, are no longer with us. Sometimes inspiration comes from fellow artists – Jeff’s Purgatorio provides an example. In all cases it is a pleasure to share the intimacy of a living-room piano performance or (in spite of technological limitations) the freshness of MIDI renditions of new chamber or orchestral scores.

I strongly encourage you to visit and bookmark Jeff’s blog, but for a sampling of his talents I have included a few links below:


At 8:25 PM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

I am not a very knowledgeable about classicla music, still I have enjoyed listening to Jeff's compositions over the laxt few days. In particular I like his composition called Riding East, as well as Calliope Arise.

At 10:02 PM, Blogger warrenjp said...

This is outstanding! Well done, Jeff!!


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