Sunday, August 20, 2006


appetizers and entrees at RangeLast night Joy, Mike, Lisette and I dined at Range. Range opened last summer to great acclaim and, judging by our dinner, it is likely to keep its place in Michael Bauer’s Top 100 list for quite a while.

I think that the pictures do a better job of describing how delicious our food was that I could, so I will let them do the talking.

appetizers and entrees, clockwise from top left:
salmon sashimi with cucumbers, olive oil and pureed avacado
alaskan halibut with melted leeks, chanterelle mushrooms, english peas and grain mustard butter sauce
mushroom stuffed pasta with baby artichokes and parmesan
slow cooked pork loin with butter beans, hen of the woods mushrooms and pork jus
roasted chicken with a pancetta, arugula and pecan bread salad

A few words about the restaurant itself are in order. Physically it is attractive, modern and comfortable. It is also likely to be both crowded and loud. The service is very professional and, since late Spring, Range is home to SF Magazine’s top-rated pastry chef: Michelle Polzine. Her creations are the reason the four of us ordered and devoured all five desserts on the menu.

desserts at Rangedesserts, clockwise from top left:
strawberry shortcake with lemon verbena cream
cream puffs with peach ice cream
dapple dandy pluot tart with cardamom ice cream
bittersweet chocolate soufflé with cocoa nib crème anglaise
huckleberry crêpes with crème fraîche ice cream

When you go to Range, save room for the most important course.

Range: 842 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA (415) 282-8283