Thursday, August 10, 2006

blue agave club in fremont

the margaritas at Blue Agave in Fremont are fantasticThis week was Brad’s birthday Guys’ Night Out, so we wanted to do something special. It had been 7 months since we had seen Jorge, so we decided to go visit him at his new restaurant: Blue Agave Club in Fremont. Unfortunately, Brad became too busy at work to join his own celebration and he missed a spectacular meal.

Blue Agave Club in Fremont is the fourth jewel in a Garcia family crown. Their other establishments are Blue Agave in Pleasanton and both Fiesta del Mar and Fiesta del Mar Too in Mountain View. Blue Agave opened this spring, and our favorite tequila expert has been working to build their business ever since.

The restaurant is located in a converted house on a side street. While that reduces their walk-in traffic, the result is a very attractive and comfortable atmosphere different than I anticipated. There are several small rooms that can feel intimate but not stuffy (it is still fun and casual) and a delightful back garden for outdoor dining.

Blue Agave has a menu that is a match for the ambience. Of course, all of our Fiesta del Mar favorites (Camerones Alex, Enjococado, etc.) are available, but there are new additions that we made sure to try. I ordered the rack of lamb (bottom left) – wonderful. Hansel ordered a filet, rare, and it was spectacular. I was really surprised by the quality and flavor of the beef. Scott fired up the grilled salmon (bottom right) and it was cooked perfectly.

However, as special as these entrees were, the star was the Camerones Xochitl (bottom center). Warren and Mikey Mike couldn’t resist the signature dish, shrimp with cuitlacoche sauce. Cuitlacoche (or Huitlacoche) is a disease that infects corn and produces wonderful and exotic flavors. Often called Mexcican Truffles, all you really want to know about the sauce is that it is delicious.

For completeness we started our meal with tasty appetizers and finished with one of every dessert: flan, flourless chocolate cake and bananas foster. Scott enjoyed this last item so much that he asked the then closed kitchen to prepare an additional order (which he didn’t share).

Of course, every bite of food was accompanied by phenomenal margaritas – the best of all the Garcia-family restaurants. But, what really made the night wonderful was the excellent service from the entire staff and our pleasure at seeing our old friend again.

Blue Agave Club gets my highest recommendation.

Blue Agave: 4096 Bay St, Fremont, CA (510) 490-0222

12/4 update: Sadly Blue Agave in Fremont has closed for all but special events. The restuarant was amazing but they could not overcome the poor location. In Palo Alto, Alameda or Los Gatos it would have thrived - not hidden in Fremont. Jorge has returned to Fiesta del Mar.

delicous entrees at Blue Agave in Fremont.  from left: rack of lamb, camerones xochitl and salmon


At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel i must defend my besmirched name...

while i was handling an urgent phone call, my "friends" managed to devour 98% of *three* desserts, leaving me to savor a molecule of chocolate "cake", some misplaced wedge that smelled like flan, and four banana seeds floating in a delightful smelling sauce. the three tastebuds involved took a vote and chose the foster, forcing our impeccable host to personally stir up a new batch. by all accounts, it was a good choice. one that, despite revisionist historians' accounts, was shared with at least one of my avaricious co-eaters.


At 7:38 AM, Blogger warrenjp said...

Indeed, I can honestly defend the Mr. Besmirched. The second serving of Bananas Foster was as delightful as the first. In fact, it was noticeably better likely due to the fact that Jorge himself was chef on the order.

Without a doubt, Blue Agave is the hidden gem of Fremont. Well worth the trip.

At 9:57 AM, Blogger paul said...

Hmm, the strong but tasty margaritas must have clouded my memory.


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