Tuesday, August 22, 2006

san francisco magazine

I’m a fan of San Francisco Magazine. I have yet to subscribe as I can barely keep up with the magazines I already have, but my friend Mike does. And, each time I visit his place I’m drawn to the magazine's glossy pages.

Very little of its content has been available on the SF Mag website – until now. They’ve completed an update and unlocked the 2006 archives. SF Mag has also decided to publish more articles from the current issue, and there are two articles from this month that I wanted to highlight:

Josh Sens’ Heart over Haute, a quirky top 10 Bay Area restaurant list

Readers’ Picks
Best of the Bay Area 2006, the top 3 restaurants in 17 categories you actually care about, like best new restaurant, best desserts and best by cuisine

Both contain great recommendations and are worthy of bookmarks.