Sunday, July 23, 2006

white nectarines

I really like fruit, but sometimes I forget how incredibly delicious it can taste. Fortunately, all that is required to correct my memory problem is a trip to a farmers’ market in July or August.

Take yesterday’s visit to the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market. Before going, I knew that I liked nectarines and I remembered that some of the best locally grown ones were reaching the height of their flavor. But, it was only after sampling the offerings of the organic vendors that I recalled how sweet and succulent the nectarine could be.

The finest of the nectarines this Saturday were the Arctic Jay and Artic Rose white nectarines from Kashiwase Farms. Kashiwase is a 200-acre family-run organic farm in Winton that grows stone fruit, more than 80 varieties of peaches, plums, cherries, pluots and nectarines. Named KQED’s farmer of the month last August, Steven has been running the farms since taking over from his father Henry who took over from his father Frank.

At $3.00 a pound, the nectarines are not inexpensive, but their unique candy-like sweetness is worth it. Be sure stop by the Kashiwase Farms stand at the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market Saturdays, and look for the Arctic Jay and the Arctic Rose at your local fine grocer.

Bonus link: Visit the SF famers’ market next Saturday for their Peach Celebration