Tuesday, January 09, 2007

introducing iPhone

As everyone on the planet must now know, Apple introduced the iPhone today. Hundreds of nifty gadgets were launched at CES, but the only news that mattered was the June release date for Apple’s handheld convergence device that is so much more than a phone.

You don’t have to be a Apple worshiper to recognize the possibilities that iPhone creates. Multi-touch input, context sensitive buttons, wide screen for video, the ability to run full versions of OS X applications, a 2 megapixel camera, complete iPod functionality, real web browsing via WiFi and Edge and gorgeous design. Oh yeah, it places phone calls too and has software that integrates all of these functions in a revolutionary fashion.

Apple has a micro-site up with animation, video, pictures and all of the details. However, there are two web articles I wanted to draw your attention to. First, the folks at Gizmodo were able to get hands-on with the iPhone and have posted a quick review. Some excerpts:

Screen: Most gorgeous ever. Flawless.
Gestures: They work! Multitouch is great for zooming photos.
Browser: Perfect rendering of the page
Their bottom line: what the iPod did for music, “the iPhone is going to do this for cellies.”

Second, Time Magazine has posted an in-depth article on the iPhone’s origins. Now that the iPhone has been announced there will be scores of articles on its development, but this is the first and most-detailed currently available.

Bonus link: David Pogue at the New York Times who was able to play with the iPhone for an hour this evening