Wednesday, January 03, 2007

new numa

Remember what I said about an increase in article quality for the New Year? Well, you can forget about that. While researching another topic, I stumbled upon the New Numa and I had to post it. I’m not sure how its September release escaped me.

If you are familiar with the original Numa Numa you will understand. If you are not, you must watch it. It is one of the most important video clips in web history. The BBC has calculated that it has been viewed more than 700 million times since it debuted 2 years ago, and it has spawned thousands of copies.

Fans may be interested in the lyrics - and in the band O-Zone’s actual music video for Dragostea Din Tei. Wikipedia has even more details, including the song’s chart history (hint, the number 1 is involved in almost every European country) and the lawsuit with the group Haiducii over who actually penned this masterpiece of modern music.