Wednesday, December 27, 2006

investigative journalism

NoKa chocolate is the most expensive in the world. With prices that can exceed $1000 a pound for simple squares and basic ganache-filled truffles, it is more than 15 times the price of the fanciest offerings from Godiva, Joseph Schmidt, Michael Recchiuti and La Maison du Chocolat.

What is so special about NoKa? According to the site, the secret is NoKa’s single origin 75% cacao with no added flavors, resulting in “the most exquisite chocolates to ever grace the palate.” The UK’s Taste agrees as they named NoKa the world’s #1 chocolate. Luxury retailers like Nieman Marcus have taken note and sell NoKa in their stores and online.

But how is it that 2 former accountants in Plano, Texas are able to compete with the finest from France and Belgium? A blogger in Dallas decided to find out and his results are astonishing. In a 10-part web article for Dallas Food, Scott answer the question, “What is NoKa Worth?

I highly recommend reading it in its entirety for the NoKa story (hint: this may be the best piece of investigative journalism I seen all year) and for what you will learn about chocolate. Scott explains where chocolate is grown, how it processed, what couverture is, and how chocolatiers like Recchiuti, Jacques Torres and Norman Love and use couverture for their creations. Scott also provides lots of link and recommendations both for chocolate and for online sourcing.

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Bonus info: US retailers that carry Amedei. There are 2 in San Francisco