Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year

I enjoy year-end lists; they're like Cliffs Notes for the past 12 months. You’ve probably seen things like AP’s Top News Stories of 2006, and it has been hard to miss YouTube’s most viewed videos. So, I thought I would link to some lists that you might have missed.

20 Weirdest Gadgets of 2006 (at the Register UK)
want more? try’s list of the 50 strangest

The 2006 Darwin Awards (via Slashdot)
related: Wired’s 2006 Foot-in-Mouth Awards

The Best of the Post (400 photographs from 21 WP photographers)
similarly: the most interesting flickr photos of 2006 by month and day

The 25 Most Popular Travel Articles of 2006 (NYT)
also from the NYT, The Top 10 Books of 2006

An indie take on The 25 Best Albums of 2006 (from IGIF)
check out even more lists (at metacritic)

Roger Ebert’s 4 Star Movies of 2006 (Chicago Sun-Times)
more movie lists from reviewers and the meta list (at metacritic)
The Top 5 Movie Posters of 2006 (at Sam’s Myth)

Bonus link: an amazing 360 degree panorama of Times Square