Thursday, December 28, 2006

mac pie

Elaine and Don were just in Hawaii and they were kind enough to bring me back a very special treat: Mac Pie. I had never had Macadamia nut pie before, but consultations with friends confirm that it is a rare and prized dessert on the Islands. Now that I have tasted it, I can understand why. It is quite decadent.

I could try to describe the elements of its deliciousness, but the Mac Pie website does a better job:

Mac Pie is fashioned after Sheila's grandmother's traditional southern chess pie using the favored local macadamia nuts with other premium island ingredients. Maui raw sugar, fresh Hawaiian eggs, fresh creamery butter, along with pure doublefold vanilla and a light dusting of macaroon coconut combine to make a unique, most irresistible pie, unequaled anywhere. Mac Crust, our exclusive handmade butter macadamia nut crust alone will tempt you to experience for yourself and conclude what Sheila's friends confirm--"It's the best pie I've ever tasted!"
They ship throughout the US and offer four main flavors: original, Kona coffee, maple, and butterscotch. Original, coffee and butterscotch are also available with chocolate chips.