Thursday, January 04, 2007

cheap, portable memory card readers

As Warren noted, transferring photos from your camera while on the road can be a huge hassle. For my trips last year, I brought along a bulky reader. Perhaps soon memory and camera manufacturers will solve this problem by integrating wireless technology – or maybe the well-designed SD cards Warren reviewed will become more affordable. Until then, the answer is cheap, portable memory card readers.

Via slickdeals, Supermedia Store is selling 2 SD readers for $5 – shipped! These small USB 2.0 devices turn your memory into a thumb drive and are tiny enough to take with you wherever you travel. The superlicious deal is good for today only.

Not able to act fast enough, don’t use SD or don’t need two? No problem; the LED Shoppe has you covered. This little SD reader is $3 and this small Compact Flash device is $5. Shipping is free and there are no expiration dates for these prices. View all of the LED Shoppe’s card readers.