Monday, January 08, 2007

gadgets galore

For tech lovers, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Today, tomorrow and Wednesday, 2,700 exhibitors will show their latest products to more than 100,000 attendees at CES 2007, the world’s largest consumer electronic tradeshow.

Although the convention is in Las Vegas, internet coverage is comprehensive and almost real-time with blogs like Engadget and CrunchGear providing hundreds of pictures, descriptions mini-reviews. My favorite source: Gizmodo.

If that wasn’t enough excitement, MacWorld Expo kicks off in San Francisco tomorrow. Tune into your favorite gadget site in the morning for minute by minute updates on Steve Jobs’ highly anticipated keynote address.

Will an iPhone be unveiled? The New York Times thinks the Apple announcement will be even bigger, but you will have to tune in tomorrow and wait for “one more thing” to find out. Gizmodo and Engadget will be live-blogging, and iLounge and the Unoffical Apple Weblog should be good sources for more details.