Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the top 100 restuarants

ame, photo credit: John LeeThis week Michael Bauer released his Top 100 Bay Area Restaurant list. It’s funny, growing up everyone I knew had a family subscription to a newspaper. Now that we all rely on Yahoo, Google, Topix and the newspapers' own web pages rather than the print edition for news I thought you might have missed the story.

There are 16 restaurants making their debut, including two I recently reviewed: Ame and Tres Agaves. There are also 17 spots that have made the list each year for the past 10 years since its debut in 1996, including dim sum favorites Ton Kiang and Yank Sing.

I’ve dined at 36 of the Top 100. As a service to my readers I will sacrifice and try to visit more before the year is out ;)