Monday, January 02, 2006

Tres Agaves

Last night I had dinner at Tres Agaves. This is the 5th or 6th meal I have had there since they opened 2 months ago and the 8th or 9th time I have visited. What can I say - I love Tres Agaves. I love the drinks, the food and the stylish atmosphere. I do wish the service was more consistent, but I am confident it will improve as the staff gels.

Importantly, the margaritas at Tres Agaves are outstanding. They are all natural - limes, agave nectar and the tequila of your choice - and they are seductively delicious. If you are not sure which of the hundreds of tequilas to try, might I suggest Pueblo Viejo, Don Julio or Partida, a new brand that tastes remarkable like Regional.

The bar also features some innovative cocktails, so it is not surprising that it is often crowded. Try the Cucumber Fresca (tequila, cucumber, ginger, lime juice and soda) or the Apasionada (tequila, passion fruit, mandarin napolean and lime) if the mood strikes.

There is more to the restaurant than the bar, and the exhibition kitchen is home

to Joseph's marvelous cuisine. Modeled on specialties from Jalisco, entrees are packed with flavor, generous in portion and quite reasonably priced. I'm not sure which is best, but you can't go wrong with the Carne en su Jugo, the Pollo al Pastor or the fresh fish.

Go with a group, arrange safe transportation and enjoy Tres Agaves!

1/15 Update: for a less biased opinion, check out Michel Bauer's great review in the Chronicle.

1/31 Update: gorgeous pictures and another great review in the 1/29 Chronicle

Tres Agaves, 130 Townsend, San Francisco, CA (415) 227-0500.


At 7:24 PM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

A week ago we went to Tres Agave for lunch. It was a Sunday and things were a bit quieter than on my first visit (when Jeff and Paul colluded to make me drink a full pitcher of one of their delicious maragarita).
We ordered Carnitas and I must say this was one the best one I had. Although I prefer the presentation and side dishes from Milagros (in RWC) the meat was absolutelky exquisite and a must try!


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