Monday, December 04, 2006


I’ve had to update a few posts recently; some with good news, some with bad. For the regular readers I thought it would be helpful to collect the new information in one place. First the bad:

The two second tent, that genius invention that made even me interested in camping, is no longer for sale. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled all 22,000 two and three second tents sold in the US for failing to meet flammability standards. I hope that an improved version of this innovative design returns to the market soon.

More tragically,
Blue Agave Club in Fremont has closed after being open less that one year. The food was amazing, but they were unable to overcome a sleepy location. Their last day of regular operations was November 22. The silver lining: we will be seeing our friend Jorge more often now that he is back at Fiesta del Mar.

Now the good:

Arrested Development DVDs are on sale at Amazon just in time for your Holiday shopping. Buy the set of all three seasons of this extremely witty show for $33.79 with free shipping.

Beard Papa has opened in downtown Redwood City next to the new movie theater. The cream puffs are even better than I remember and there are no lines! Try the éclair. The dark chocolate over vanilla-filled choux pastry is a perfect treat.

Seasons 2 (
Amazon) and 3 (Amazon) of The Wire lived up to my high expectations. There is no doubt that this is the finest television show ever created.

And, finally, as the selection gets thinner the discounts get steeper at Tower. All DVDs are 40% off and all books and CDs are at least 50% off. Rap, hip-hop and CD singles are 70% off and there are additional bargains priced $1 - $3.