Friday, November 03, 2006

bargains at tower records

As you might have heard, Tower Records entered bankruptcy in August and was sold in October. The buyers (the Great American Group) are closing all 89 US stores, and a large going out of business sale is in progress.

Over the years I have purchased significant amounts of vinyl and CDs from Tower locations in DC, Palo Alto and San Francisco. Back in the day Tower’s selection, especially imports, was unrivalled. The nostalgist in me is sad about their demise, but the pragmatist recognizes that it is an opportunity to stock up music and movies. Discounts will increase until a final December liquidation, but savings currently stand at an attractive:

30% off books
60% of magazines
30% of all DVDs
30% of all video games
40% of Latin CDs
40% of rap / hip-hop CDs
50% of CD singles

and 30% of everything else in the store (CDs, accessories, etc). Many of the major label CDs were regularly priced at $18.99; hence Tower’s Chapter 11 filings. However, there are many releases priced at 8.99 to 12.99. Take 30% off and that’s a really good deal.

11/23 update: The current sale is 40% off all books and DVDs, and 40% off plus buy 4 get 1 free on all CDs. Selection is still good at the San Antonio location. San Mateo is picked through.