Sunday, October 29, 2006

sigalert traffic information

There are few things cooler than avoiding commuter congestion. Previously I have written about, a real-time traffic information service for the Bay Area but, thanks to Bill, I have found another option:

Both and get their information from the same sources (Caltrans, the CHP and SpeedInfo), but Sigalert has three interesting features that make it worth checking out. First, it covers Northern and Southern California, a bonus for my friends in the south. Second, it has better UI (assuming you aren’t bothered by the ads). With you need to click to drill down on the map for critical details. At Siglalert, information appears as you mouse-over – a much faster alternative. Finally, with Sigalert, you can compare alternate routes.

Note: Sigalert also offers a $20/year ad-free service that delivers updates via phone and email, provides greater customization and lets you view cameras. Camera feeds are free at, and 511 has just introduced its own route finder feature.