Thursday, November 02, 2006

an overnight success (10 years in the making)

My friend Jeff has diverse and discerning taste in music. In college he increased my appreciation for The Smiths and The Clash, and more recently he has introduced me to Anton Kuerti and the St. Lawrence String Quartet. This afternoon he sent me an email suggesting I write about Brooke Ramel.

Brooke is a LA-based signer songwriter who has been performing and recording self-produced albums for the past 10 years. Her style is well-suited to small, intimate venues, and her music is honest and personal. Brooke is also a fellow alum and on the verge of a big break.

This summer she has been competing in NBC’s internet-based StarTomorrow. StarTomorrow began with 100 bands and each week fan voting has pared the field. Now 5 remain, and Brooke is one of the 5.

Take a minute to check out the finalists and vote to help Brooke win a recording contract with Warner Music. On her myspace page, Brooke has more instructions on voting, and on her official site Brooke has music clips. Jeff’s advice: vote early and often.