Thursday, November 30, 2006

top 5 science fiction movies

Usually the conversation at Guys’ Night Out is serious. Philosophy, politics and business are common subjects. Tonight we decided to change things up a bit, and after some spirited debate, lobbying and several rounds of voting we determined the top 5 science fiction movies of all time.

Because of our age, several important films are absent. They include (the original) War of the Worlds and the Day the Day the Earth Stood Still. Because we limited the list to 5, some more obscure but still deserving titles did not make the cut. It is in this category I would place the 12 Monkeys, Gattaca and Strange Days. But now, onto the list:

#5 Terminator 2
original was a contender, but the stunning visual effects and non-stop action of the sequel earn it Top 5 honors.

In this case the first nudged out its offspring. Alien proved that seriously scary and sci-fi are a winning combination.

Star Wars IV
We all waited in line to see this over and over again. Sure the dialog is campy, but the special effects were revolutionary.

The Matrix
Only a script that good could overcome Keanu Reeve’s weakness as an actor. Twists, turns and kick-ass choreography rocket this blockbuster to the top.

Blade Runner
A perfect film! Watch for a 2007 re-release.

To balance the top 5, the guys also ranked the bottom 5. We excluded films no one had seen (like the sequels for our first and second choices) and focused on the big budget ones we wished we had never seen. Without commentary, other than our warning that these should be avoided at all cost, we present:

#5 Independence Day
The Matrix Revolutions
Star Wars Episode I
Battlefield Earth


At 11:27 AM, Blogger James Mills said...


I got a pop-up ad as my cursor went over the hyperlink of the movies. Are you making money off this advertising?

At 11:54 AM, Blogger paul said...

I'd get a cut if anyone purchased from Amazon using the link, but no one seems to do this. I use the Amazon API for the UI. I like being able access cover art, ratings, etc via a mouseover. Do you think that it is helpful?

At 1:12 PM, Blogger James Mills said...

It's less obtrusive than traditional pop-up ads, banner ads or Google ads. Nice way to generate ad revenue without cluttering up the elegant interface.

By the way, Blade Runner is my number 1 as well. The Fifth Element should be an honorable mention.

At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Brad said...

Good call, James. I was just about to nominate 5th element as well. Definitely an underated film.


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