Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Clean (imdb, official US site, trailer) was released to critical acclaim in 2004, and it tackles the tough subject of drug addiction and the impact it has on others. It is not as depressing or gritty as a Leaving Las Vegas or a Sid and Nancy, but it is not a film everyone will find entertaining.

Clean is a character study and a vehicle for Maggie Cheung (2046, Hero, In theMood for Love, Chinese Box). It was written and directed by Oliver Assayas (imdb), her ex-husband, and he coaxes an amazing performance from the talented actress. Cheung plays Emily Wang, the wife of indie musician Lee Hauser in a role that garnered Best Actress honors at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

Cheung is surrounded by talented actors in the very well cast film. Nick Nolte (Hotel Rwanda, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, 48 Hrs.) is outstanding as Lee’s gruff yet tender father, and veterans of French cinema Béatrice Dalle, Jeanne Balibar and Rémi Martin are strong as well.

As Clean is more mood than plot a soundtrack from Brian Eno and Mazzy Star guitarist David Roback add to the atmospherics as do the cities of Vancouver, Paris and London. Tricky and Metric make cameo appearances, and Maggie Cheung sings a number of Roback songs.

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