Saturday, April 08, 2006

On-demand web video from PBS

I recently discovered that many shows produced for the Public Broadcasting Service have extensive, web-accessible video archives. Most interesting are:

NOVA, the most watched science series in the world. Produced by WGBH, NOVA’s subjects include biology, history, space and technology. View a list of all programs available for download, or watch The Great Robot Race, a documentary on the DARPA challenge.

The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, a 60-minute review of national news with an in-depth focus on the top 3 stories of the day produced by WETA. View their complete archives.

Frontline, award-winning investigative reporting that covers controversial topics in politics, ethics and business. View a list of all programs available for download, or watch their recent report on the growing methamphetamine epidemic.

In addition to these national shows, KQED has placed many of their locally produced programs online. These include:

Spark!, a weekly introduction to innovative artists in the Bay Area and art they create. View the complete list of segments, or accompany Trevor Paglen to the military bases of Tonopah, NV.

Check, Please! a 30-minute review show hosted by Leslie Sbrocco that features 3 restaurant and the 3 people who nominated them. Each dines at the others’ picks and the opinions are sophisticated, honest and sometimes controversial. View complete episode list, or watch the first Check, Please! and its segment on Incanto.

I hope you find something you enjoy and support your local public television station.