Wednesday, April 12, 2006

crab cakes

crab cakesLike the lobster roll, the crab cake is a simple but elusive creation. Often it suffers from too much filler and too little crab. Breading and the wrong spices can ruin a crab cake too, but fortunately, none of these flaws afflict the $3.99 Andronico’s crab cake.

Available at the seafood counter, these pre-made crab cakes are large and flavorful. Each is 2 ½ to 3” in diameter and approximately 1” thick. That’s almost 5 cubic inches of fresh delicious crab per cake. They are made the traditional way: big chunks of crab meat, finely chopped green onions, a bit pepper for some kick and a little egg to hold things together. And, they couldn’t be easier to prepare. Saute them for 3 minutes a side over medium high heat.

Of all of the items I order regularly at restaurants, none disappoints more frequently than the crab cake. Their typical high cost sets expectations at a level few recipes meet. That’s why I am glad I discovered a pre-made crab cake that rivals Maryland’s best. It is so good that I might have to stay home and cook more often.