Friday, January 13, 2006


On Tuesday I discussed a Christmas present that I have really enjoyed, and this morning I wanted to mention another gift that I have been using even more: slippers.

I'm not really a slipper person. As a toddler, I hated feety pajamas -- too confining -- and since then I have always been a barefoot or socks kind of guy -- never slippers. However, for Christmas I received Tempur-Pedic comfort slippers and now I am a convert.

The footbed is lined with a thick layer of temperature-sensitive memory cells that provide the ultimate spring-in-your-step. The slippers are also fuzzy for warmth, but the material doesn't make your feet too hot. Stop by your local Brookstone store and give them a test walk. Your feet will be happy you did.

1/15 Update: I just learned that my friend Oliver, a true slipper aficionado, switched to comfort slippers over the Holidays as well.