Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rosso Conero

I love wine, but I don't know that much about the grapes grown in Italy. That's why last night's dinner at Incanto was a special treat. We had some phenomenal and usual wines with our always excellent meal, but everyone's favorite wine came from Conero.

Rosso Conero is the appellation for the small region around Monte Conero where the Montelpulciano grape is grown. Conero is east of Tuscany and overlooks the Adriatic Sea. Most outstanding was the Rosso Conero "Fibbio" 2001 from the small family producers Luca and Beatrice Lanari. It was bursting with fruit flavors yet was balanced and complex on the finish.

Today, I set out to find the Fibbio. At one time Wine Club might have stocked it, but they were sold out. No luck at Beltramo's either. I did find the fabulous 2002 Sassi Neri from Fattoria Le Terrazze at K&L and was able to taste it this evening. I am definitely headed back to buy more and I will likely to order the 2003 Fibbio from a shop in NY.

Links: the Lanari website (in Italian), search for Lanari wine for sale