Saturday, April 21, 2007


Wired Magazine hosts several blogs that I have included in my news reader. Listening Post covers digital music, Gadget Lab reviews the newest gizmos, and Autotopia discusses the future of cars. To this list, I just added Geekdad.

Geekdad launched in March. It is a group blog focused on kids and technology, and its writers include some dads familiar to readers of (at least) one cool thing. Jim Bumgardner is the creator of the Whitney Music Box, Thomas Hawk takes very pretty pictures, and Warren Packard has written for (at least) one cool thing on memory cards, MAME and (in a precursor to his current position) strollers.

If you are a dad, a mom or just like fun things, check out Geekdad and posts like:

Beginner’s Video Rocketry
Introducing your kids to the machine shop
Novel uses for model rockets
Places to take your kids in Portland
The origins of Lego Mindstorms
Combat gliders

and the Redwood Valley Railway.