Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the stokke stroller

Paul’s note: Warren is a frequent contributor to (at least) one cool thing. Previously he has written about SD memory cards and classic video games. and today he reviews the ultimate in toddler transportation. Warren writes:

OK. I have to admit. I'm getting back into Daddy mode. Case in point: I was at the mall Saturday when I suddenly felt a huge twinge of stroller envy...and I don't even have a new bambino yet! I was walking into a department store when, out of the door next to me, rolls this sporty, sleek, mod, baby stroller that was just screaming Euro-cool. Mind you, the baby sure wasn't screaming, and he looked like he was at the top of the Darwinian baby survival chain with a big grin that communicated "I am one bad baby!" The only thing missing on the baby was some bling.

So, back to the stroller. The brand was Stokke. Evidently it's a Norwegian company with a growing presence here in the US. I hopped on over to their web site and got their pitch. Not only is their stroller, called the Xplory, a cool looking device, but it's also insanely practical. The most salient benefit of the stroller is it's ability to raise the child up high so that the baby can see well. It gets above the dirt and grime of the city streets, elevates to a position where he/she is easy to feed, and, if you click on the first link, kick serious butt in a game of ping pong with the other kids in the neighborhood. An additional feature of the stroller is that it is narrow, allowing it to navigate the pinched aisles of stores and malls without requiring everyone else to peel out of the way.

Even though I haven't used the stroller yet, it appears to have two possible flaws. First, since the center of gravity of the stroller (with bambino) is high, there is possibly some increased risk of tipping. Second, since this is a Euro-cool gadget, it lacks significant storage capacity. Short of these possible issues, I can't see much wrong with the stroller. Even though I have a perfectly good stroller from previous "engagements," I may have to run out and get an Xplory so that I can get some serious daddy points and generate a wake of stroller envy wherever I go. (Paul's note: Warren and his lovely wife are expecting their 3rd son this summer.)

Bonus link: a cool blog for dads like Warren and Brad


At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Another parent with a baby as the fashion accessory. What is it about parents today. That Stokke stroller provides ZIP protection from Ultraviolet radiation (but how many do?) Think practical AND sleek...but baby's health and safety come first and convenience for Mom next.

So, you'll obviously need a Pepeny for UVR protection and you'll need a basket for Mom to put all those other bits that baby needs....remember nappies, cleaning cloths, creams, bottles?

Thank goodness I'm 60+ and will never have to think of such things again!


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