Monday, May 29, 2006

everett & jones bbq

With a few locations in the East Bay and a history dating back more than 30 years, Everett & Jones BBQ is an Oakland institution. I’ve been aware of the accolades, so I was excited that I had the opportunity to check it out this afternoon for lunch.

There were four of us, giving me the chance to sample the beef brisket and the pork ribs (both pictured above). The meat had excellent slow-smoked flavor, but it was not as tender as Uncle Frank’s. This is a small criticism as the sauce was perfectly balanced – both sweet and hot. And, the sides of potato salad and candied yams were outstanding.

Apparently, the service is oft criticized, but our waiter was helpful and professional. And, even if he wasn’t, the sweet potato pie is good enough to make anyone overlook delays or confused orders. When you go to E&J, certainly save room for the pie!

Everett & Jones BBQ: 126 Broadway, Oakland, CA (510) 663-2350