Monday, January 23, 2006

Uncle Frank's BBQ

I seem to be writing about food often, so it should not be a surprise that today's post is about my dinner. I ordered take out from Uncle Frank's BBQ - "BBQ the way it was meant to be."

Uncle Frank's developed a cult following in East Palo Alto before they lost their lease, but this fall they re-opened in Mountain View.

Uncle Frank makes serious BBQ. It is Louisiana-style, and when you are in the mood for a big plate of meat there is no better choice. I have a friend who is a BBQ snob. If his brisket isn't smoked in Texas, he doesn't want to try it. But, after one taste of Uncle Frank's he was hooked.

Usually, I order the two meat combo with the slow-smoked brisket as meat one and juicy pork ribs to round out the order. That can easily feed two hungry people. Tonight I ordered just the pork ribs and selected Cajun corn (creamed corn with a kick) and black-eyed peas as my two sides. With dinner you get a pint of each side and some corn bread, the only item I've tried at Uncle Frank's that has been average.

The ribs were extremely tender and the sauce was spicier than usual, although much of the heat was masked by its deep, sweet flavor. Add in two large slices of their home-made sweet potato pie for dessert and I had take-out for two for $22, total. Very cool.

The pictures attached are of Uncle Frank from this profile of the BBQ master, half of our rib order from tonight and what was left over a few minutes later.

Uncle Frank's BBQ, 2135 Old Middlefied Way, Mountain View, CA (650) 964-4476


At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to Uncle Frank's last weekend, and had the two-meat combo with ribs and briskett. The briskett flavor was excellent, and very much what you would get in Texas.

Only two little things marred the briskett. The first is that it isn't sliced thinly enough. Even after being smoked for 30 hours, briskett is still a tough cut of meat. Slicing it thinly helps.

The second thing is also minor, but next time I will know to order a bit less sauce. It's got an excellent flavor, but I like my briskett with just a hint of sauce.

At 7:28 PM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

This is a great place. I went there about a month ago. And it was a great experience. I think the ribs are the thing to order (instead of the briskett).


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