Friday, January 20, 2006

free mp3s

When I was 4 or 5, I must have had too much for dinner one evening as I dreamed that strange men were forcing me to eat all of the food in the world. In my dream I was crying as I kept trying to eat more, and I woke up from this nightmare needing to throw-up. It was traumatic enough to remember these many years later, and it sort of reminds me how I feel about discovering new music. There are so many great artists and so much new material across so many genres, it is frustratingly impossible to keep up.

Fortunately, there is help in the form of weblogs and sites that introduce all that is new. For example, today I visited Motel de Moka. Thier coverage is original, eclectic, and I enjoyed much of what I heard. From entries in the last week alone I found:

I also discovered the French La Blogothèque where I learned that Maria Taylor of Azure Ray had released a solo album last year. Courtesty of La Blogothèque you can download the beautiful:
I like music, and I like free music even more. If you have some time, check out Motel de Moka and La Blogothèque.