Friday, May 26, 2006

lobster roll at the creamery

photo credit: joyThe Peninsula Fountain and Grill (often called “The Creamery”) is a Palo Alto institution. With soda-shop styling, wonderful milkshakes and homemade bread, it is a great spot for burgers and sandwiches. I recommend the oven-roasted turkey club.

On Fridays, though, the Creamery is an especially outstanding lunch option as they serve lobster roll. Prior to the opening of the Old Post Lobster Shack, I was a regular for Friday lunch at the Creamery, often forcing Joy and Mike to join me. After a Spring hiatus, I returned to introduce Bill and Emmanuel to lobster-roll, creamery style, and our lunch today was outstanding.

Their lobster salad is made with generous lobster chunks and diced celery - the crunch is a nice addition. The New England-style, center cut rolls are baked fresh and oversized. When grilled they have a delightful buttery flavor. Best of all, the portions are large, making the $14.95 lobster roll a good value compared to the OPLS or Yankee Pier.

The lobster quality can vary, and sometimes the salad can be too wet, making the tasty bun soggy, but today’s roll was perfect. My companions opted for green salad as sides, but I enjoyed my crispy steak fries and added a wonderful slice of key lime pie (split with Emmanuel) for dessert. I won’t mention Bill’s huge slice of apple pie.

The Peninsula Fountain and Grill has two locations: the original in downtown Palo Alto; and, the satellite at the Stanford Mall (currently called the Palo Alto Creamery Fountain and Grill). Although the differences are subtle, when you want lobster roll, the mall restaurant is the one to visit. Give it a try, and note that the lobster role is only available for Friday lunch.

Peninsula Fountain and Grill: 566 Emerson St, Palo Alto, CA (650) 323-3131
Palo Alto Creamery Fountain and Grill at the Stanford Mall: (650) 327-3141


At 5:01 PM, Anonymous joy said...

i agree on the value at creamery, but after trying OPLS' lobster rolls, i don't think there's any comparison. i'm an OPLS convert!

btw, that photo looks mighty familiar... ;)


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