Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the jerker desk

jerker desk from IkeaI'm often asked what it's like being part of a super-secret, super-cool startup. Well, it is very hip, but we don’t live the rock star lifestyle all the time. Take today, for example. This morning we moved in to our new corporate offices and our first task was to build our own desks. Now tonight, having assembled 6 of them, I can say that the Jerker workstation from Ikea is both well-designed and, at $99, an exceptional value.

We opted for the Jerker for its clean lines and, being budget conscious, its price. The Jerker has a generous workspace (the top is 63" x 31") but it doesn’t seem large or clunky. Its frame is steel, its top is laminated particleboard, and when it is assembled it is very sturdy.

drawers for jerker deskWe added drawers for $50 a desk. These take a bit longer to assemble but they attach (and un-attach) easily. We haven’t decided yet, but we may splurge and add the $3 Signum pen tray, a $15 Summera computer holder and the stylish $25 Antifoni work lamp (although the $9 Tertial lamp will likely be our choice).

Not surprisingly, the Jerker is a popular home office choice and it also comes in a taller version with a shelf. Surprisingly, the desk has a cult following on the web. Designer Nicolas Cortolezzis has done a wonderful job, and if you are looking for a simple, modern workspace I encourage you to consider the Jerker. Stop by your local Ikea, or come visit us in Redwood City. We are very near the Old Port Lobster Shack.

Note: For offices with bigger budgets, check out the Galant series.


At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Warren said...

The Jerker is terrific! I bought two of the taller version to put in my basement as workshop tables. The size and configuration flexbility of the Jerker yielded an ideal set-up, at a fraction of the cost of standard workshop benches. I mounted a fluorescent light and power strip under the shelf and, voila, instant workspace for home projects.


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