Thursday, April 27, 2006

high fidelity and mobile movies

Some folks in Berkeley have been organizing mobile movies on Fridays. The concept is genius – pick an abandoned location and converge for an impromptu drive-in experience. With affordable, powerful projectors and pirate radio, it is possible to re-create the drive-in experience that our generation was never able to enjoy.

Tomorrow the film is High Fidelity mentioned here on (at least) one cool thing and summarized by imbd. The secret location is the Railroad Barrens. With nice weather and the possibility of Zachary’s or Fenton’s after the show, I’m in. Who wants to join me? I think this will be a blast!

Mobmov-Berkeley presents "High Fidelity"
Friday, Apr 28th at 8:00PM Berkeley, CA

4/29 Update: Technical problems prevented last night's show. High Fidelity has been re-scheduled for Friday 5/5


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Lou said...

I am looking for Rich Fife of The Railroad Barrens. I would like to attend the Dec 16th, 6PM showing for Move on.
My truck was made before radios were an option, much less, FM.
Please let me know.


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