Tuesday, March 06, 2007

multiple-choice correspondence

Hand-written notes are wonderful to receive. They are the ultimate mark of civility and manners but, sadly, they are increasingly rare. It is difficult to find the time to put pen to paper. Luckily, the folks at knock knock have the perfect solution: Multiple-Choice Correspondence.

Send a letter with MCC is easy. First, select the appropriate category. The 112-page booklet offers: thanks, staying in touch, congratulations, regrets, complaints, terminations and love. Next, pick an appropriate subject. Regrets offers options like “forgot” and “personal setback.” Thanks covers gifts, parties, help and, quite humorously, “nothing.”

Third, complete the pre-printed sentences with your choices. For example, Termination: Relationship begins with:

It pains me deeply to tell you that:

- I don’t love you anymore
- I’ve fallen in love with someone else
- I hate you
- I’m gay
- ______________

Finally, turn your completed form over, and address, fold and seal. No envelope necessary.

To see how this wonderful system could enrich your epistolary communications, enlarge the photo on the left. It is a scan from Thanks: Gifts. Note details like special box for references and the extra room for postscripts. As each letter reminds recipients, “the honor of receiving a piece of multiple-choice correspondence lies in the knowledge that someone cared enough to check off just the right phrases for you.”


At 6:44 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Paul, this is awesome! I first thought it was just a guide book (which is probably something someone should put out), but the pull out pages and check off list! Man, if sending one doesn't say love (or hate), I don't know what does....


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