Sunday, March 04, 2007

the goose

The Dutch Goose, has been a Stanford institution for 40 years. It isn’t exactly a college bar as there isn’t a real college bar anywhere near Stanford, but it is the best approximation on the Peninsula with its patio seating, great burgers and, thanks to new ownership, LCDs showing sports. Popular with students, alum and its family neighbors in West Menlo Park, the Goose draws a very diverse crowd and you never know whom you might run into. Take yesterday afternoon for example.

Brian, James and I headed over to the Goose after attending the Arizona / Stanford basketball game. (thanks Brian!) Stanford had trailed by 19 at the half but fought back to tie with 6 seconds left before losing in overtime. Clearly, beers were called for to take the edge off of that thrilling but disappointing defeat. And, the Goose offers many on tap to choose from.

We settled on Fat Tire and added Goose-traditional peanuts and deviled eggs. Actually, the smell of the eggs makes me queasy so I ordered a pork sandwich that was tasty, but next time I want the brisket sliders. Those looked awesome, however I digress.

So the three of us are drinking our beers and in walks Steve Lavin, former men’s basketball coach at UCLA, followed by his good buddy Brent Musberger. They had called the Stanford game for ABC. Seating was a bit tight so they shared our long table.

A few minutes later Joe Kirchoffer, a former forward for the Cardinal, dropped in for a snack. The only thing that surprised me was not seeing Goose-regular and Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Plunkett. Perhaps he was out of town as he was not in his regular seats at the basketball game.

The Dutch Goose: 3567 Alameda De Las Pulgas, Menlo Park, CA (650) 854-3245


At 10:05 AM, Blogger James Mills said...

Nothing gives my fat tire that pleasant, bubbly feeling than the Goose's deviled eggs and Fat Tire beer.


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