Wednesday, February 07, 2007


You know Carly’s gonna cackle when Patricia gets the shackles!

Last week I had the pleasure of dining with my friend Chris who brought as his dates the lovely Randi and Jen. Randi and Jen are the creative duo behind How to Get a Guy in Silicon Valley and today’s feature: Valleyfreude.

Did you ever read this site? Are you following Michael Arrington’s deadpool? Rooting for the mug over the startup? Then Valleyfreude, a hilarious send-up of the pleasure we take in companies’ failures, is for you.

Filmed in Palo Alto, the video has the wit and style of a college musical. Better still, it has sock puppets - an appropriate touch given that is it a parody of this Avenue Q song (iTunes) and it lampoons over-hyped, bubble enterprises. Want to dress like the coolest sock puppet? Get yourself some LAMP gear.

Bonus link: speaking of college musicals, I just discovered that Rams Head has scripts and photos from the last 15 years of Gaieties online. The best ever scene: Don Kennedy as The Quadfather


At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Bill said...

This is hilarious! Very nicely done.


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