Monday, February 05, 2007

el super burrito

Paul’s note: My grand vision is to transform (at least) one cool thing into a Talk of the Town for my friend set. Ideally, I’d post 3 times a week and guests would fill out the remaining slots with their picks for food, travel and toys. This dream may never be realized, but fortunately Bill is doing his part with his second contribution of 2007. Joining his list of important WWII movies is a review of a restaurant that is like his home away from home. Bill writes:

El Super Burrito (sorry, that's "The" Super Burrito for those that don't speak Spanish) on El Camino in Millbrae makes the best burritos in the world. That may sound like a strong opinion, but it's not. It's a fact. If you disagree, I'm not looking for a debate. I just feel sorry for you.

What makes El Super Burrito the best is their runny guacamole, equally runny refried beans and the red sauce from their chicken. This combination not only tastes great, but it serves to bind all the other flavors together and makes the inside almost soupy. The result is a burrito so wet that you need to slurp up liquid with each bite, or it will run down your fingers. As my friend Paul learned to his detriment, you don't want to unwrap more than about 2 inches of foil off a Super Burrito at one time, or you risk a messy blowout in the sidewall of the steamed tortilla. When you've grown up with El Super, any other burrito seems very dry in comparison. Like eating toast with nothing on it.

Not everyone is cut out for El Super. It's not unheard of to encounter otherwise decent human beings who don't appreciate it. Take my friend, Eric S. (I'm abbreviating his last name for his own protection). Eric doesn't like what he calls El Super's "stewed chicken." Yet in every other aspect of his life, Eric is a model citizen: hard worker, good friend, loving father. So, you just need to accept the fact that not everyone is chosen. In the end, that's actually a good thing for me, because it means there will be fewer people in line next time I stop by El Super Burrito.

El Super Burrito: 780 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA (650) 583-0487