Saturday, November 11, 2006

fight telemarketers

You pay too much for caller id, you have registered with the Do Not Call Registry but, if you are like me, you still get unwanted and illegal calls from survey groups and telemarketers. I won’t answer my home phone if any “Out of Area” or non-local number I don’t recognize appears. My assumption is that if it is something important, they will leave a message.

Still, the interruption is annoying. Yesterday and Friday I received 5 calls from 212 448- 5501 and 801 623-4623. All of the calls were in the evening, and the numbers displayed ID unavailable. Thanks to, I was able to learn more about both callers and fight back.

Since its inception, users have logged 83,000 calls with whocalledus. It is very easy to do, and a webform lets you file a complaint with the FTC if you are on the Do Not Call list. The next time you get tele-disturbed, visit

4/9 update: 800notes is a similarly valuable service


At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An excellent way to fight telemarketers is to waste their time. Here's how:

They usually use computers to make calls, then a program decides if a human or an answering machine has answered. If the computer thinks a human has answered, it puts on a real operator.

What to do: 3 Choices:

1. Record your answering machine greeting to sound like a human. Record this: "Hello???"..then a long pause. Then record "Please leave a message"

The first part of your recording should get an operator on the line.

2. SImply pick up the call and say "Hello??" & then put it down and walk away. An operator will come on line.

3. Get on the line, talk to an operator & waste their time. Don't buy anything or give any information.
If everyone did this, telemarketers would disappear
I like choice #1


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