Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Paul’s note: June has been a great month for guest posts. I’ve had 4 so far, and Scott returns to increment the total. Scott is a big movie fan who appreciates the unexpected, and tonight he shares a new recommendation with us. This is Scott’s third contribution. Scott writes:

I'm here to recommend a movie for you: Primer (amazon). But, sorry, it is not for you, or you, or ... yeah, probably not you either. But for you, you're in for a treat.

How to describe this movie without giving away anything? For this is a movie best served cold. Remove all expectations. Don't prepare for it. Don't read anything. Don't follow this link. Just netflix it, and don't read the sleeve.

Ok, so you need more convincing. Did you like Memento? Good start. How about Shallow Grave? When you watched the Usual Suspects, did you immediately want to watch it again? Did you watch Donny Darko and wish it wasn't so hokey (but otherwise liked the originality)?

When you watch something Hollywood claims is "a complex thriller" do you cringe when they spoon-feed some of the "tricky parts" to the audience? Are you, how shall I say, a film geek? Do you hate it when directors and producers choose budget effects and big names over plot and substance? Do you tend to keep mental notes as you're watching (as opposed to turning off all but the frog brain)? It might be for you.

Ok, a *little* bit of description. It is about two friends. It is about trust. It is about greed. It will twist your mind. It will take some work. It has a budget of $8000. That's it.

You will watch it. You will not get it. When it is done, you'll probably say "what in the Hell just happened?" You will not like it. But you will be curious, just enough, and watch parts of it again. Then all of it again.

You will start taking notes. You will watch it again. You will turn on the subtitles to get every word. Each time, you will like it more, and you will understand it more. Maybe after three or four viewings, you'll be tempted to visit the discussion page. But you'll prefer to draw your own conclusions, figure your own answers. Your notes will expand beyond two pages. You will find it is tight - air tight (though ... "there are always leaks.")

If you don't think so, you haven't watched it enough times. If you don't want to watch it again, then you'll know ... this movie was not for you. But if it is, and you have, and you know ... you'll thank me.


At 5:58 AM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

I must say that I was intrigued by Scott post and I followed his instructions to the letter. I did not read or see anything about the movie and was careful about the Netflix sleeve (thanks for that tip too Scott :-). By taking all of this precaution I guess I prepared myself to be attentive, which really helped. While I cannot say that this was enough to “get it all”, it was certainly sufficient to enjoy the experience and want to see it again. I will resist the discussion on the forum mentioned by Scott a while longer (it boasts over 7500 posts!)
The movie has some really interesting photography; it is incredible to see what some motivated people can do on shoestring (or as lead actor Carruth says for “the price of a used car.”).
I agree with Scott that you should really get as uneducated about the movie as possible. However, if you need more than a leap of faith I think that the trailer is quite good at not revealing the plot:


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