Monday, February 06, 2006


songs:illinois is a music review and promotion site that focuses on undiscovered, quiet indie, folk, alt and twee bands with some occasional twang thrown in for diversity . The site is writen by Craig Bonnell, a 37 year old Illinois resident who also produces swedesplease, a blog covering new Swedish music that interesting is enough to merit its own review.

I learned about songs:illinois when searching for the band Cars Can Be Blue. This article had some information and links to a few tracks. When I came across songs:illinois again while learning about the hype machine, I bookmarked the site and pledged to investigate it more carefully.

Craig profiles 2 bands or labels per days. To get a better sense of his taste, I auditioned everything from the last 70 or so posts. Here is what I liked most:

Some other interesting tracks:

Bonus music from swedesplease:

Listen to songs:illinois via the hype machine