Wednesday, January 25, 2006

shiny shiny

I love gadget porn. There, I admitted it. And it doesn't matter whether if it is gadgets for boys, or in this case, gadgets for girls.

Shiny Shiny, the self-styled "girl's guide to gadgets," is part of the UK conglomerate Shiny Media and is a sister blog to such female-friendly publications as Shoewawa, The Bag Lady, and The Catwalk Queen.

Like the excellent gadget blogs Gizmodo and Engadget, Shiny Shiny finds cool stuff from the web and then talks about it, cool stuff like this bunny. Meet Nabaztag, the world's first smart rabbit. He can tell you when you have email , wake you up in the morning and report on Paris air quality (no joke). Visit his website for such goodies as Nabaztagland and the 85 reasons you need to buy him. My favorite is #19: because he has an Armenian name.

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