Wednesday, November 15, 2006

bond girls (reviewed)

Sometimes, the selection of the cool thing of the day is obvious as soon it appears. Other times, the path to selection has twists and turns. Take today, for example.

At lunch, Bill, Emmanuel and I discussed the art-house centric top films list mentioned Monday. Bill wondered how Star Wars IV: A New Hope (#26) could be ranked so low? I wondered how it could be ranked ahead of The Godfather Part II (#28). But, our chat did make me interested in an Entertainment Weekly article when I saw the post at slashdot tonight.

Miraculously, the staff at EW found someone who had never seen any of the Stars Wars films, and they convinced him to watch all 6 episodes back to back to back. I thought, perhaps this will tell us how well episode IV has aged. Unfortunately, watching I-VI in story order (rather than release order) ruins the mystery and wonder we experienced when we first saw Star Wars, so it isn’t a fair test. However, his humorous observations are still worth reading.

That link led me to EW’s list of the 10 Worst Bond Girls of all time. 10 worst? Is this possible? I admire an author with a strong point of view, but I am surprised at many of the choices. What does he have against cellos and Swedish women?

Of course the 10 worst list fed into the 10 best list. Again, the author has a perspective, and now I have a good idea about what we will be talking about at tomorrow’s lunch. Casino Royale with Daniel Craig (pics for the ladies) opens Friday. (official site, trailer)

Bonus link 1: an alternate ranking
Bonus link 2: 45 James Bond trailers in
one place


At 10:52 AM, Anonymous One of Paul's single friends said...

Sorry, but I can't contain my outrage at the Worst/Best Bond Girls lists. While some of the picks are fine, others are atrocious, and there are some serious omissions. The author seems to be using some bizarre criteria about how "real" or "heartfelt" or "tough" the characters are. That's not what anyone else (besides this idiot) is looking for in a bond girl. A clever name isn't enough by itself. And just because a girl gets killed off early in the movie doesn't mean she's a bad bond girl. Sometimes, that's what it takes to get James fired up to extract revenge. The guy who wrote this (if he is, indeed, a guy) should be barred from journalism for life.


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