Friday, June 30, 2006

european car commercials

With the exception of the controversial spots that launched the Infiniti brand more than 16 years ago, US automotive ads are all about the car. Sure, there are attractive drivers, passengers and pedestrians, but the star of the advertisement, whether it is for a mini-van, SUV or sleek sports car, is the vehicle. In Europe, however, they seem to take a different approach as these 3 examples from Cartoonland (a German site) suggest.

The first is for Peugeot (screenshot above left), and is likely to appeal to the ladies. The second is for Nissan (center), and I have a suspicion my male readers will appreciate it. The final clip is for Renault (right), and it is fun for the whole family. My thanks to a friend who would rather remain anonymous for the tip on the Nissan Pathfinder “Front Independent Suspension” commercial.