Thursday, May 11, 2006

secrets of the sexes

KQED is running another excellent BBC program: Secrets of the Sexes. The show is in 3 parts and it covers brain-based gender differences, attraction and relationships. Part 1, Brainsex, aired Tuesday night and it replays tomorrow evening at 9pm. Parts 2 (Matchmaker) and 3 (Science of Love) will air the following Tuesdays. (program schedule)

From the part 1 synopsis:

Five men and five women are put through a number of tests to see if their brains are categorized by scientists as more male or female. They soon then learn that the sex of the brain does not necessarily match the sex of the body. A scientist also takes a look at the brains of a couple who constantly disagree, to see if he can find any clues in their brain activity as to why they fail to understand each other. The program also meets a man who has changed the sex of his brain; a scientist studying what effect pre-natal levels of testosterone may have on behavior; and another who claims he can predict the outcome of a race based purely on the length of the competitors' ring and index fingers.

To make the program more fun, take the Sex ID test. It is fast and insightful. I’ll add my detailed results in a comment and I encourage you to do the same.


At 8:19 AM, Blogger paul said...

It shouldn't suprise anyone that I am left brain dominant. I do well with maps and directions. I did surprise myself on the eye test, but the end result was a 50 on the male side, exactly average for men. By section:

part 1: angles 20/20, spot the difference 43%
part 2: right thumb on top
part 3: 5/20 empathy, 15/20 on systemising, 9/10 eyes
part 4 .97 ratio
part 5: slight perference for masculine faces
part 6: 3D shapes 12/12, words 16, ultimatum 25


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